Where energy meet​s the mind

Hyp​no-r​eiki wellness center


Are you ready to create the life you have always desired?  Are you in chronic pain?  Would you like to learn simple techniques that can change your life? Would you like a safe and painless labor for you and your baby?  Are you sick of toxic medicine and ready to make lasting changes to your health, NOW? Would you simply like to learn how to de-stress and feel peace and serenity, NOW?  You only have today, the time is now, live in choice, create your present moment.  You deserve to be the best version of you, unleash your ultimate potential and start living the life you have always dreamed of...feel it, see it, hear it, imagine it, become it...Find...Where Energy Meets the Mind!

Hypnotherapy and/or Reiki can help with the following and MUCH MORE:​

- Weight Reduction                        - Test Taking                     - Procrastination               - Anxiousness       - Relief from Chemotherapy

- Smoking Cessation                     - Confidence                      - Self- Worth                     - Shyness              - Chewing Tobacco

- Stress, Anger, Worry, Guilt         - Sports Enhancement       - Increase Income            - Self-Love             - Self-Acceptance

- Depression                                  - Relaxation                       - Self-Limiting Beliefs       - Inner Peace         - Forgiveness

- Sleep Issues                                - Public Speaking              - Painless Labor               - Visualization        - Create Loving Relationships

- Pain Management​                       - Motivation                        - Health & Well-being       - Creativity             - Alcoholism